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Accident Injury Lawyers – Oil and Natural Gas Drilling Accidents

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Texas Workers Compensation and Oil Rig Injury Lawyer

Injured On The Job While Drilling for Oil or Gas Around in Texas?

Long dormant for periods of time, Texas petroleum is again “on the map” as our nation struggles to keep oil and gas affordable.

So in order to get the last drops of oil, and a huge, newly discovered reservoir of natural gas, drilling companies, contractors, wildcatters, and corporations, sell their valuable commodities to work long hours and under stressful circumstances. It makes no matter whether the drilling site is in East or West Texas, or out in the Gulf. Every one of those reservoirs is “active.”

Because of this inherent stress, drug testing isn’t an everyday rule. But speed to market is. So it comes as no surprise that the petro-drilling industry is a terribly high-risk venture. This makes workplace injuries common: gruesome wounds such as instant amputations, crushed bodies, and horrible injuries from rig and pipeline blowouts or explosions. Broken bones, injured backs, and concussions can debilitate any drilling worker at any hour of the day or night. Tool pushers are usually the most commonly injured on a derrick. But no one who spends any time in the oil patch is immune. Who is responsible when any of these job-related accidents, many times the result of someone’s negligence, occurs? More info on this website

There are several things you must know, and quickly. They are important points such as:

If the Texas drilling operation you work for had workers’ compensation insurance, which covers some reimbursement for medical expenses, lost wages, pain, and suffering.

What to do if the drilling contractor or the company that manages the oilfield is also responsible for your injuries. Your ability to obtain compensation depends on the ability of an oilfield injury lawyer to get to the bottom of the accident, its causes, and find out who is liable.

Exactly who, from a variety of conceivably responsible parties (past your employer), might have contributed to your accident-related injuries, pain, and suffering; whether they are aware of their contribution or not.

If something like this has happened to you or a loved one in your family, and if these are questions you have thought of, a drilling accident attorney with our Law Office can help you receive the financial compensation you deserve.

With oil likely never to see a sub-$100 per-barrel price again, it is more cost-effective to use technology not in existence 20 years ago to squeeze every drop out. And the more Texas can get for its newly discovered natural gas fields, the less oil a lot of people use, especially to heat their homes. But this drilling renaissance is powered in many places by machinery that dates back to the ’80s. So many oilfield accidents can be caused by worn or defective rigging and machinery in use far past its prime. Pipelines in many areas (some of them highly-populated) explode from negligence or material fatigue. Heavy objects such as pipes or other drilling equipment can fall near, or on any part of, the rig. A lot of people slip and fall on oil and water and hurt their backs. Let’s face it, the oil and gas patch (including the one out in the Gulf) is one of the most unsafe places to work in the world.

Resolving oilfield workers’ injury cases is frequently very complex. And in attempting to recover fair damage reimbursement, injured workers are opposed by arguably the most powerful corporations (along with their drilling associates, insurance underwriters and high-priced lawyers) on the planet. If you’ve been hurt in a rig accident on land or at sea, you’re a bug who threatens their privileged end game of record profits in a seller’s market. Without an experienced attorney to represent them, injured oilfield workers are little more than a blip on their radar.

Still, you have faith in the possibility of resolving your injury compensation issues fairly. But you also know that you need an experienced petroleum accident law firm to represent you. This firm has to prepare for trial, but accept a fair settlement once the defendants know it’s the best outcome for them. And you also know it’s highly unlikely you will accomplish by yourself, with a legal “babe in the woods” or your nephew running the case after just graduating from law school. You’d just be serving them (or yourself) up to these business conglomerates, their insurers, and legal minions. Then you get to count your losses.

Please note, the Carabin Shaw Law Office has moved to 875 E Ashby # 1100 San Antonio, Texas 78212

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