//San Antonio, Texas Motorcycle Accidents With 18-Wheelers

San Antonio, Texas Motorcycle Accidents With 18-Wheelers

Texas Motorcycle Accidents With 18-Wheelers

Texas 18-Wheeler Accident Attorneys Share Their Thoughts on Truck Injury Lawsuits

Vehicular accidents are slightly unnerving even under the most minor of circumstances. If the collision got your attention because you were not focused, or if you had already been driving and on the road longer than you should have been and you were half asleep behind the wheel, indeed, that crash was your rude awakening.motorcycle accicdent attorneys

Usually a crash or collision will involve two cars or a car and an SUV or a car and a pickup but truly there can be no more of a mismatch in a collision than a tractor-trailer truck, (otherwise known as an 18-wheeler), and a motorcycle. Like the story of David and Goliath, you find it hard to get a ‘visual’ on that ‘twosome’. More information click here @ https://truckaccidentattorneysa.com/motorcycle-accident-lawyers-san-antonio/

Before, during, and after the point of impact no matter whose fault it is, in lieu of the tremendous differences in the sizes of the two vehicles involved, it is almost a certainty that at least one of the individuals in the crash is going to be very seriously injured or dead.

On any given day with almost one half million motorcycles and their driver’s intermingling with what looks to be at least as many 18-wheelers intermingling with small to mid-size cars to SUV’s, accidents are out there on the Texas rural roads, highways, and by-ways just looking for a place to happen. The fact that there will most likely be traumatic injuries involved when a motorcycle driver is in an accident is almost ‘a given’. However, in addition to factoring in the intensity of the impact of motorcycle and 18-wheeler, is the very design of the motorcycle to be considered with its lack of an exterior frame for protection. Due to having absolutely no outer framework or protection for the motorcyclists, drivers and passengers of motorcycles alike are often thrown from their cycles when a crash happens. In addition to being thrown from the cycle and catapulted into mid-air, human bodies than actually impact hard and unforgiving man-made structures such as other vehicles, the asphalt or the concrete of the road or highway, and sometimes bridge abutments. The results of injuries of a human body hurled at man-made structures include road burns, internal injuries and bleeding, broken bones and arms and legs, neck and back injuries, severe disfigurement, brain trauma, and the loss of limbs during the accident or shortly afterward, not to exclude loss of time from work and mental and emotional stress. What will later come to be accepted as the ‘norm’ will be the numerous surgeries, untold prescription medications with required co-pays, and regularly scheduled doctor’s visits all of which will be directly related to the collision with the 18-wheeler.

As if all of the above isn’t punishment enough, more often than not, more than one of the above injuries may result in paralysis and other life-long life-altering conditions that can seriously challenge an injured victim’s dreams and plans for their future.

Accessing liability can be more involved than one would think. Quite often the public easily assumes that only the truck driver is guilty of the accident, however, it is a strong possibility that there are other culpable individuals who are not even present at the scene of the accident. If you or a loved one have been involved in a motorcycle vs. 18-wheeler accident, without delay, you really should seek the legal representation of an experienced and competent attorney who is more than mildly familiar with accidents related to this particular area of law.

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Sometimes it so happens that a victim or family member have had confirmed by a witness after witness who was at the accident that the wreck was not the claimant’s fault or was not the fault of the deceased family member, and even though the police report clearly states as much but in more technical terms, there is hesitation to move forward and secure the services of an attorney. For reasons that are understandable, you delay getting to the most urgent business at hand and that is putting things and people into place to bring the guilty parties to justice and make them accountable for their actions. As the injured victim or family member of the motorcycle fatality, you simply cannot get past the on-going daily pain and suffering you are enduring or the external damage to the body and the excruciating pain not to mention the death of your loved one. “However”, “but”, and “well you see” and all the other justifiable excuses are acceptable but there does come a time when one simply has to put aside reasons why not and gingerly but firmly get to your feet or reach for that telephone and make that call to engage an attorney in order to get the ball rolling and in an effort to make things right. To make things right in your life or to get justice for the loved one that was so quickly taken from you is a commitment you should make to yourself.

Over the years, our law offices have worked and interacted with clients and they know how hard it is to overcome such traumatic injuries and the loss of a loved one and pull oneself up by the bootstrap and get the wheels of justice in motion. Our law offices also know that in order for the compensatory process of recovery to begin, the client has to act and do it fast. More here @

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Texas

If a client is hesitant and waits too long to engage the services of a competent attorney, the battle could be lost before it even begins. If a client is hesitant too long, the 18-wheeler’s company logbooks can legally disappear and other crucial documentation as well. After too long, witnesses begin to forget specific details and sometimes witnesses relocate without thinking to leave forwarding addresses. At the accident scene, photographic information that could be crucial to the prosecution could experience seasonal changes. For example, rainstorms that wash trace evidence away or that accident scene which was so tell-tale even weeks after the accident is now snow-covered or it is now overgrown with vegetation. The bottom line is that time is not on the side of the claimant. If you want to win, you really do have to act fast. Call our Texas 18-wheeler accident attorneys without delay. The call and the initial consultation are free.

Why You Should Seek Legal Action Following an 18-wheeler Wreck in Texas?

You should not delay in calling our Texas 18-wheeler motorcycle accident attorneys. Our attorneys and associates have over twenty (20) years of courtroom experience fighting and winning battles in this particular area of the law dealing with 18-wheelers and motorcycle accidents. Our legal team knows the pain and the financial burdens experienced from an accident such as this and the recovery time from a traumatic accident. Our law office is a compassionate team of expert litigants. Over the years with their many clients, they have sympathized time and time again with those who have suffered the loss of a family member in such an accident. Our firm has worked with clients whose income is almost non-existent and still, the bills continue to come from the utility company, for car payments, health insurance, home insurance, the on-going trips to the doctor plus co-pays, the on-going prescriptions that have to be filled and the co-pays that must be paid. Our legal team and associates realize that to have a client involved in such an accident through no fault of their own or to have a family member die as a result of such a crash and then have to endure insult to the pain of the injury with unexpected out-of-pocket expenses is just not fair. Our associates take injustice very personally and when they do, somebody out there will be brought to justice and accountability.

Why Not Self Represent My Case in Court?

The reasons why some claimants choose to represent themselves in court are many but no matter what the justification, it does not represent good sound thinking. To go against an aggressive defense attorney who is very good at what he or she does in the courtroom compared to a non-attorney with Perry Mason tactics and very little understanding of the judicial process is an injustice to the claimant or the deceased member of the family that paid the ultimate price in an accident that was not their fault. When a claimant makes a declaration to the presiding judge that they will be self-representing themselves, usually the judge will take a moment of the court’s time to advise the non-attorney to reconsider the idea of self-representation. When the gentle warning is not heeded, then the court proceeds. As far as receiving opposition from the defense attorney, that will not happen. Defense attorneys know that when facing a non-attorney, their work in the courtroom will not be as difficult. Although defense attorneys do come to court fully prepared to fight to the finish, in this instance, they spend most of their time making certain the non-attorney adheres to all courtroom decorum, rules, and regulations. Many times when a claimant decides to represent him or herself in court, they do not realize that they are held to the same standards that the licensed attorney sitting across the room from them is held to. It is with this in mind that the defense attorney will note when a non-attorney is out of order and will quickly move for dismissal of the case. More of these types of cases have been lost via dismissal of their case not because the non-attorney did not have a winnable lawsuit, but because that non-attorney did not have all their “i’s” dotted and “t’s” crossed. Don’t make the mistake that could be your once-in-a-lifetime chance to bring the culprits to justice and to make them accountable. Call our Texas 18-wheeler accident attorneys today for ease of mind and for litigants who will stand firm, persevere, and get you the financial recovery you deserve.

There is Such a Mind-Set as Jury Bias in Texas Motorcycle Accident Cases

As a rule, motorcyclists are viewed by the public as a rowdy group of would-be range rovers. They have cycles that are as loud as they sometimes are and then they rev the motor up to another gear get even louder. Motorcyclists are known and observed to dart in and out of traffic sometimes with inches to spare between bumpers. With this public perception in mind, the defense will often use this information to paint a negative picture of the claimant and their cycle to persuade the jury that the possibility exists that the claimant was responsible for his or her own involvement in the accident. If a defense attorney is successful in getting the judgment in his or her favor, the claimant receives no recovery.

This is why it is most critical to get the very best legal representation available. Our law office consists of such a team of expert litigants who know how to fight for your right to fair and just compensation. Along with their skilled team of investigators who will leave no stone unturned in an effort to discover the relevant facts, you should call our office at your earliest convenience.
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